Rental Agreement - Property

Rental Agreement - Property

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A rental agreement documents the entire rental relationship between the landlord and the tenant. It is a legal contract that consists of important personal details along with the amount of rent. Lawyak creates property rental agreements as a legal contract to ensure both the landlord and the tenant accept the regulations and ordinances duly and confirm the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement with sincerity.

A Rental Agreement is also known as:

  1. Tenancy agreement

  2. Lease agreement

  3. House rent agreement

  4. Property rent agreement

  5. Rental Contract


What are the Basic Provisions of a Rental Agreement?

  1. The Type of Premise to be Rented: a house, apartment, condo, basement, or attic

  2. Details of the Landlord: the owner of the premise a.k.a. lessor and the dates of ownership

  3. Details of the Tenant: the person who wants to live in the premise a.k.a. leasee

  4. Details of the Due Rent: the amount of money the tenant has to pay the landlord each month

  5. The Term of the Contract: the time period the tenant is permitted to stay in the rented premise


What are the Requirements for a Rental Agreement?

  1. The landlord’s details and current address

  2. The tenant’s details and current address before renting

  3. The exact address and location of the rented premise

  4. The start and finish date of the rent term

  5. The monthly rent amount and late rent notice details

  6. Security deposit amount and the condition for the landlord to return the amount after the term ends


When Do You Need a Rental Agreement?

When a legal relationship between a landlord and a tenant exists, the law recognizes that both the parties have a special set of rights and obligations. Here are a few examples of what a landlord and a tenant might agree to in a simple lease agreement:

The landlord promises to:

  1. Repair and maintain ventilating systems like air conditioners

  2. Respect the tenant’s privacy

  3. Provide a safe and clean home to the tenant

  4. Return the tenant’s security deposit if the premise is in good condition

  5. Inform the tenant in advance about any fixtures or repairs


The tenant promises to:

  1. Pay the landlord on time every month on a specific date

  2. Pay the utility company directly for electricity, gas, and water

  3. Not having a pet at home without seeking the landlord’s permission

  4. Not start any illegal business at home


Other landlord-tenant Relationships:

  1. Same-sex marriage partners

  2. Legally recognized organization partners

  3. Roommates


Why Lawyak?

  1. Personalized legal documents and services for property rentals

  2. landlords will receive their Tenancy agreements faster

  3. Client’s problems are closely understood and confusions, questions, and disputes regarding the real estate rentals and property tenancy agreements are quickly resolved.

  4. Requested legal documents and services can be accessed directly from your desktop or smartphone.


For all your real estate rental agreements, contact Lawyak for quick and affordable legal services.

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©2018 by Lawyak. Website & Marketing By Rapid Boost Marketing

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