Partnership Agreement - Professionals

Partnership Agreement - Professionals

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A partnership agreement is a binding contract that is signed between the partners in a firm to set the proper terms of the partnership and defining the relationship of the partners. A partnership agreement can be of three types:

  1. General Partnership: A general partnership is a simple arrangement between two or more company partners to share the assets, liabilities, profits, losses and workload of the firm based on the division defined in the agreement.

  2. Limited Partnership: A limited partnership is an agreement between two or more partners in which a limited partner is only liable for the money that they have invested into the partnership, while the general partner is liable for all the company losses.

  3. Limited Liability Partnership: In this partnership, all the partners fall under the limited liability clause, which makes each partner liable for only the amount of money they invested in the firm.


At Lawyak, we understand the need to prepare a precise agreement, keeping the interests of our clients in mind. We assign highly qualified professional lawyers to specifically define the minute information of the agreement to ensure that our clients do not face any uncertainties during their partnership agreement.


What Does a Partnership Agreement Include?

Our professional lawyer will draft your partnership agreement based on the following:

  1. Nature of the Business: The nature of the business talks about the business type and domain for which the partnership is formed.

  2. Ownership Percentages: The ownership percentage define the exact ownership of each partner.

  3. Profit and Loss Distribution: A set outline of the profit and loss distribution is drafted based on the contribution and ownership of each partner in the firm.

  4. Management Control: As the partners together hold the ownership of the company, the partnership agreement will define the terms of managerial control that each partner will hold within the firm.

  5. Duties towards the Venture: The responsibilities and duties of each partner within the firm are specified in the partnership agreement.


Why You Need a Partnership Agreement?

  1. Partnership agreement draws appropriate rules and creates an understanding between the partners.

  2. An agreement defines proper ownership, which makes the role of each partner clear.

  3. Drafting a partnership agreement makes the company administered under the province law of Alberta.

  4. Having a partnership agreement in place avoids the chances of misunderstandings and disputes among the partners.


Why Lawyak?

  1. Our lawyers are trained to handle every business agreement with utmost authority and clarity.

  2. Our partnership agreement professionals are trained to handle every query and are well-versed with the province laws of partnership agreements.

  3. We provide quick solutions and do not keep you waiting for a solution.

  4. Lawyak is a fully automatic online portal that enables easy communication between you and the lawyers.

  5. We provide cost-effective services for businesses of all sizes.


Lawyak is, therefore, a legal firm that understands your needs for a professionally drafted partnership agreement.

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©2018 by Lawyak. Website & Marketing By Rapid Boost Marketing

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