Employment Agreement

Employment Agreement

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An employment agreement is an official document that records the business relationship between the employer and the employee. It is the contract of service that the employee needs to sign and confirm the standard terms and conditions of employment set by the employer of a company. The contract confirms that the employee is hired to perform a certain set of functions and responsibilities and the employer provides the employees with the resources and training to succeed. Lawyak helps the employer create an employment agreement to ensure that the person being hired as an employee abides by the rules of the company and also for legal and tax purposes.

An Employment Agreement is also known as:

  1. Employment Contract

  2. Agreement of Service

  3. Contract of Employment

  4. Contract of Service


What Does an Employment Agreement Include?

  1.  Name of the company hiring the person

  2.  Name of the person being hired

  3.  The designation at which the person is being hired

  4.  The role and responsibilities of the employee

  5.  Amount of money paid per hour/week/month, overtime or incentives, the dates when compensation will be paid.

  6. Hiring Date: When the employee will start working for the employer

  7.  Indefinite or fixed amount of time the employee is expected to work

  8.  Details about vacation, sick leaves, maternity leaves, health insurance, etc.


What are the Clauses of an Employment Agreement?

  1. Confidentiality: Company secrets, clientele lists, etc. cannot be shared by an employee to a third party outside the company while working under an employer and cannot misuse confidential information

  2. Non-Compete: The employee cannot work for rival companies or compete with the employer if they haven’t left the company

  3. Non-Solicitation: Employees cannot recruit other coworkers to join them as they leave the company or cannot ask the company’s customers to follow them to their new company

  4. Probation: A period of time where the employees serve a trial period and may be terminated if deemed unsuitable for the designation

  5. Termination: Terms and conditions are mentioned by the employer when an employee can be terminated if those terms and conditions are not followed.

  6. Work for Hire: Anything created by the employee while working is owned by the company


When do You Need an Employment Agreement?

An employment agreement is needed by an employer to formalize the employment process. It is the legal documentation of the business relationship between an employer and an employee so that both parties know what to expect from the business relationship.

Employer benefits of an Employment Agreement

Preserve Termination of Employment-At-Will:

A well-drafted employment agreement benefits the employer to terminate or dismiss an employee for any reason, without any notice or warning as the employee is on a fixed contract. It also benefits the employer with permits to include any additional favourable terms and conditions.

Protects Confidential and Proprietary Information:

An employment contract with clauses mentioned above will restrict the misuse and disclosure of confidential information during and after the employment ends.

Prevents Potential Extortion and Provides Arbitration of Disputes:

Arbitrations are often faster and more private than civil litigations. The employment agreement prevents the employer from threats and information leaks done by employees.

Why Lawyak?

  1. Personalized legal documents and services for employment contracts

  2. Employers will receive their employment agreements quickly so that their employees can work for them at the earliest.

  3. All of your confusions, questions, and disputes regarding the employment agreement and contract will be quickly resolved by us.

  4. Employers can access their requested legal documents and services directly from their desktop or smartphone.


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