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In the context of the law of contract and property, an assignment is a legal term for the process of transferring rights or benefits from the assignor to the assignee. An assignment doesn’t transfer a duty, liability, or burden of detriment without the express agreement from the assignee. The rights or the benefits being transferred could be a waiver contract or it may be paid with a contractual consideration such as money. Lawyak helps assignors create an assignment contract where they can conveniently transfer rights and benefits to their loved ones or a third party individual.


An assignment agreement is also known as:

  1. Assignment Contract

  2. Contract of Rights

  3. Contractual Agreement

  4. Donative Assignment


What are the Other Kinds of Assignment?

  1. Real Property Assignments

  2. Partnership Rights Assignments

  3. Intellectual Property Rights Assignments such as copyrights

  4. Equitable Assignments


What are the Basic Conditions of an Assignment Agreement?

  1. To have an effective assignment agreement, it must be created for the present situation and not for future lawsuits.

  2. A clear mention of the Statement of Intent is required from the assignor.

  3. A clear identification of the contractual rights given to the assignee must be mentioned in the agreement.

  4. A promise to the assignee in the future will not have any legal effect.

  5. The contract will have a non-assignment clause wherein the assignee cannot transfer the given rights and benefits or the entire contract to another third party.

  6. The non-assignment clause is mentioned to give the assignor the power to sue the other party for breach of contract.


When is a Written Assignment Contract Required?

  1. For assignment of wages

  2. For assignment of any interest in real estate and property

  3. For assignment of choses in action that are worth over $5000


What is a Donative Assignment?

Donative assignments have revocable considerations made either by the assignor giving notice to the assignee, taking performance directly from the obligor, or making a subsequent assignment of the same rights and benefits to another party.


What are the Exceptions to the Revocability of a Donative Assignment?

  1. The assignment cannot be revoked if the obligator has already accepted the conditions of the assignment agreement.

  2. The assignment cannot be revoked if the assignee has received a token or a physical object that signifies the right to collect it such as a stock certificate.

  3. The assignment cannot be revoked by the estoppel if the assignee has changed their position in reliance on the assignment agreement.


Why Lawyak?

  1. Customized assignment agreements are created.

  2. Assignors conveniently receive their assignments agreements for a faster transfer process of rights and benefits.

  3. We resolve confusions, questions, and disputes regarding the transfer of rights and benefits in your assignment agreements.

  4. Assignors can receive all the requested legal documents and services on their desktop or smartphone conveniently.


For all kinds of assignment contracts and agreements, contact Lawyak

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