Activity Release and Indemnity

Activity Release and Indemnity

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An Activity Release Agreement is a legal document that is created to transfer risks from one party to another. This legal document is created by the promisor to compensate for the losses that the promisee has incurred or will incur related to a specific incident. Lawyak helps the Promisor to create an indemnity agreement that promises to ‘hold harmless’ or ‘defend’ the Promisee during a risky situation.  

An Activity Release Agreement is also known as:

  1. Hold Harmless Agreement

  2. Indemnification Agreement

  3. Contract of Indemnity

  4. Indemnity Contract

  5. No-Fault Agreement

  6. Reparation Agreement

  7. Assumption of Liability Agreement

  8. Agreement to Indemnify


What are the Basic Provisions of an Activity Release Agreement?

A simple Activity Release Agreement should have at least the following:

  1. Details of the promisor

  2. Details of the promisee

  3. Details of the activity that gave rise to indemnity

  4. Location details of the promisor

  5. Location details of the promisee

  6. The effective date of the agreement

  7. The broadness of the indemnity given


What Other Terms Does an Activity Release Agreement Include?

The Indemnity

  1.  Identify any limitations on the indemnity such as personal injury, any cap limits on the amount of the indemnity, or death.

  2. Notice of Claim: the promisee must inform the promisor about any claims within a certain amount of days.

  3. Duty to Defend: the promisor controls the defence of the claim to prevent the promisee from pursuing its own defence and seeking reimbursement.


The Agreement

  1.  Amendments must be in writing and should be signed by both parties.

  2.  The assignment is a written documentation only when both parties agree to the indemnity clauses.

  3.  Notices about the agreement is sent to both parties.

  4.  The methods of handling any disputes regarding the agreement include litigation, arbitration, or mediation.


When Do You Need an Activity Release Agreement?

An Activity Release and Indemnity Agreement is used when the promisee and the promisor come to an agreement where there is a threat of loss or future lawsuits. Here are some examples of when you might use one:




1. Tenant

2.Independent Contractor

3. Pet Owner

4. Client

5. Employee



2. Homeowner

3. Kennel or Dog Groomer

4. Consultant

5. Business Owner


Why Lawyak?

  1. We create personalized activity release contracts for promisors

  2. The Activity Release and Indemnity agreements are created quickly for the convenience of the promisors.

  3. We provide solutions for any Indemnity confusions, questions, and disputes.

  4. Receive all your requested legal documents and services on your desktop or smartphone conveniently.


If you need solutions and legal services regarding your indemnity agreements, contact Lawyak for a hassle-free legal service.

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©2018 by Lawyak. Website & Marketing By Rapid Boost Marketing

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